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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Clothing Incident

So i went to school today (believe it or not) and there was a 'clothing incident' - and by incident i mean it was done deliberately.  I finished getting changed from P.E. (Gym) and a girl asked me if i knew where her school trousers were. I said "Well, too be honest no ones told me about this until you did now, so no" I went into the classroom were she was talking to my P.E. teacher. Then it got awkward. We had to get our P.E. kits and our school bags and look through them to find her trousers. When we were lining up for lunch to go down to the hall, all the boys went down but all the girls.. stayed in the classroom. Then our P.E. teacher said me and my friend could go down because we would never do anything like that even to someone we dont like, such as her.
During lunch, my P.E. teacher blew a whistle and said "All kids in Class 5 go to your classroom after lunch... and you know why" so when I finished I went in and we were all complaining about it. Then my other friend dragged me out the room into the toilets where she told me who did it. All the boys were sent out because they wouldnt dare go in the changing rooms where girls have been. Then me and my friend told her. When I put my kit and bag back the 3 girls who it WAS were there smashing up pens and crying against the wall. I was talking to my friend and said "What if they do something bad to me because I said that" and i was like "No they wont youve done something good"
After English, we were told to get all our bags for teachers to check if it was there. It wasnt in mine (Derp).

Has anything like that happened to you, if so write the story in the comment and we'll have a talk there.

BYE!!! ^__^

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